Self Defense For Empaths


Self Defense for Empaths,  is the practice of managing your psychic energy to expand and maintain your personal energy field AKA "your aura" so that you don't become drained or run by someone else's energy that has entered your field.

The COVID scare runs deeper than fear of friends, family and others getting sick and perhaps crossing over.   The changes to our economy, how we work, shop, interact and now also political feuds create uncertainty, and fear of what the future will bring. 

The more you align your energies with the Light, and the more you protect your personal field, the better able you are to weather this psychic storm of collective conscious fears and remain grounded, present and in the light.  

Not only does that help you . . . your higher vibration helps those around your do the same.    It's the best way to prevent dominant and dark invisible psychic forces from contaminating your energy field. 

-Protect yourself from other people's energies

- Stay grounded, focused and in good spirits, despite rapidly changing fearful times
- Be the light filled inspiration for others to do the same. .
Its how to do your part healing our troubled world.

HI, I'm Grace Mosgeller,  not only am I am gifted massage therapist, I'm a  business consciousness & strategy coach for healers and empaths who are called to make a bigger impact with their business and income, AND stay in alignment with their highest spiritual principles at the same time.  

It's a sacred  marriage of your higher self who wants to serve from your heart & soul, and your lower self human selfish needs that can conflict &  ruin your efforts to market in bigger bolder ways,  and earn a consistent income to support a lifestyle that fuels you and those around you. 

Balancing business strategy with the consciousness of a sensitive healer ends, the battle of self sabotaging feelings and behaviors, so you can be selfless with your business and still stay  in integrity with the value you offer and charge for. 

After doing my own inner work and self healing, I'm pulling together over 23 years of  Spiritual Coaching, Healing & Transformation to share with you the most simple and transformative self healing and manifesting strategies I've used to help me prosper despite my sensitive nature. 

I love to teach healers and coaches on a mission to impact more people and their bank accounts and still stay in integrity with their highest spiritual values. 

I was settling for crumbs with my flower business.  My money breakthroughs in her program  showed me what has kept me from the success, love and acceptance that I had been seeking which quickly led to doubling my income and I am on the path to tripling it here shortly. 

It's an approach she uses that is new & very powerful for me....and believe me I have been on this self enlightenment journey for a while.  I've tried other "tapping" healers before, but the real life results I've gotten from this program, and her unique talents waaaay outshines anyone I've worked with before.  

I am grateful to Grace for helping me to move into the space of self love and acceptance that I have been seeking for a very long time.  I am so impressed at how quickly I was able to dramatically improve my  financial picture and love how my  earning power continues to grow daily. 


I've worked with several healers, coaches, and professionals yet none have treated the root causes therefore nothing ever changed my self sabotaging behaviors.

I've learned to lean into my feminine power, and feel great about receiving my good.  I am more self aware, I am giving from a fuller place, I am strengthening my faith, and after every session I experience personal power changes instantly.  


I am finally getting ahead, making things happen and enjoying ​new depths of intimacy with my boyfriend. 

This experience working with Grace is changing my life

Katia -