About Grace

Hi There!
I first learned how to massage waaaayyyy back in 1979 along side my traditional Japanese Jujitsu Martial Art Training.

Long story short, I became officially trained and certified with an emphasis on Sports Massage in 2009 at the Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood Colorado and have been practicing professionally and continuously since then.    

I am expert in Michael Youngs "Muscle Release Technique" and "Passive Release Techniques" that allow me to relax acute or chronic muscle pains, tightness, spasms, knots without YOU having to endure a lot of unnecessary pain.  

I also love to use Tom Meyer's "Anatomy Trains" fascial release techniques because they open up range of motion nicely PLUS they allow room for the enclosed muscles to move more freely and allow me to get in with deep and detailed work.

That said (most of the time) my hands just naturally go to where your body needs attention.  

Yes, I am intuitive and a Reiki Master and explain more about my role as healer below.   
My favorite massage to give is deep and detailed, combined with some extremely relaxing gentle and body unifying techniques.

~  I love to help women athletes perform at their best with regular muscle relaxing and range of motion focused massage.  

~  Close on that list are women of all ages who need additional range of motion support, in tandem  or instead of Physical Therapy after a joint replacement.

~  For those with a lot of built up tension or stress, the chakra balancing finish you receive with every massage will definitely put your body mind and spirit right back into blissful feelings of "in the moment restored relaxation and peace"  

My Healing Philosophy

I believe there is a very strong mind body connection to physical pain as well as personal empowerment.

I've been trained and certified (several times over the years) as a Life, Money and Success Coach and routinely use Neruo-linguistic Programming, EFT or Tapping along with Divine Presence to help myself and those on the path of deep Spiritual Enlightenment & Empowerment overcome outdated blocks to love money happiness & success.

I have experienced first hand, how simple tapping on meridian points on the face and chest can reduce chronic and acute pain at least 30%.

I've used these modalities and an entire tool box of Spiritual Strategies to overcome my own disempowerment due to a toxic, emotionally abusive & incestuous childhood.

EFT and NLP are scientifically proven mind/body/nervous system healing tools that can produce dramatic personally transformative results after only 1 session, with the correct approach & wording.

Of course, sometimes there are more contributing factors of a physical or emotional wound that need additional healing.

I am currently enrolled in Rhy Thomas Life Purpose and Hand On Healing School to further my training of full spectrum energy work and emotional healing that includes in depth studies on the Chakra System, Life Purpose Profiles and Archetypes.

I've also rekindled my passion for martial arts by studying Tai Chi & Chi Gong under Master Joe Nelson of the Tengu House in Golden to build my internal core energy and become a more powerful healer.

It's fun for me, not only because I LOVE it, but because it enhances my skills so I can contribute in more powerful ways to the massive healing of our planet that is going on now.

I've had SEVERAL major "Spiritual Awakening" Experiences that as a result has put my focus even deeper on energy work and practical emotional healing that leads to positive empowerment and changes in real life.

I love what I do and how I help others.  I would the opportunity to give you a marvelous massage, or guide you to Enlightened Ways of looking at the world and becoming empowered to live your Life Purpose as Divinely Intended.